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Pedagoo is a combination of evaluation tools that work together in order to facilitate personalised education and learning process allowing users to advance at their own pace registering every progress made. This process guarantees the correct assimilation of content and its practical use.

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Improve the capabilities and knowledge of your team by creating your own tests and evaluations

Assess your team or candidates successfully using your own questions, or mix them with over 18,000 available questions from MeasureUp®️, a world leader in practice test delivery.

What happens to the content that I already have?

Pedagoo can integrate your existing technological solutions ad-hoc and adapt them to this revolutionary e-assessment methodology.

Workflow with automatic notifications and different profiles

A secure and robust platform where all participants in the workflow can edit questions, make comments and improvements in a solid and reliable context.

Optimize your training processes

Improve your users’ capabilities by understanding their assessment and knowledge needs and creating your own tests to provide them with a customized solution, using a set of tools to simplify the process saving time and money.

Increase your students’ exam success rate

Increase the security and confidence of candidates during their exam day with a highly intuitive methodology and technology that allows them to practice in an environment similar to the exam.

Work in a secure environment hosted in Azure

Leverage the multilayer security provided by Microsoft Azure. Your enterprise content and resources are fully protected in the data center.

Create tests remotely

Enable multidisciplinary members of your organization to work on the same content from different parts of the world simultaneously.

Technological solutions that facilitate the process of content creation and evaluation

Save time for editing your content and for self-assessment of your candidates with this cross-platform tool.

Increase teacher productivity

Reduce the time required by your training managers to create and distribute assessments to your students, track progress, and generate results reports.

Reduce the evaluation time of your team or new hires

Quickly assess complex technical skills with a database of questions prepared by experts in each subject covering multiple and diverse fields of technological knowledge.

In accordance with UNE-ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018

Rely on agile, quick, transparent and secure responses from a certified company, which will give you guarantee and security.