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Connect Pedagoo to your favourites apps

LTI provides rapid and seamless integration between a growing set of cloud-based learning applications, learning environments or platforms, such as learning management systems, portals or learning object repositories.

evaluation tools

We have successfully connected to various platforms like, Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle and we can integrate easily with any LMS with an LTI connector.

What are we solving with the implementation of an LTI connector?

The connector sends a list of course participants and faculty defined groups to learning tools in a safe and secure manner.
It enables a more intuitive way to add content and links to a platform form a learning tool or publisher content.
Via LTI you can exchange from an assessment tool to the gradebook platform.


Benefits for all sides

No need to create or register keys and if there is no access to the resources no charges occur.

Available with a single sign-on to the LMS.

The partner portal will count keys consumed as it currently does with a license or per key.

Reduced entry times with literally no barriers between the parties, all sides have a clear win in the equation.

The same sales structure is being used as in any other case, but the additional benefits outlined here.

The entire organization can explore the options provided, not only the instructor or the group of people the product is sold.

You sell a bundle, a license or per key pricing, you set it up in the partner portal and the LTI integration will be arranged with the partner.

Improved user experience achieved by the possibility for any school, training center or organization to use our products along with their other resources – all in the same place and always accessible.

Results can go back to the organization to be placed in their LMS for both the student and the gradebook.

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