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Supervise your online exams with proctoring

Proctoring is one of the major benefits that Pedagoo provides to teachers and educational centers. This pioneering technology includes multiple detection systems for exam supervision, allowing you to carry out online tests in conditions that replicate those of an official exam.


What is Proctoring?

Proctoring is a technique for supervising exams. It exists to guarantee the quality of the evaluation process without the need for students or teachers to be physically present in a specific place.

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Catch cheats

Through identity verification and analysis of suspicious behavior and data during the evaluation, you will be able to ensure the maximum integrity of each exam. When the test is done, all the obtained results will be available for your review.

Protect exam content

The system detects if any pupil navigates on another tab, takes a screenshot, or uses their phone. Proctoring also includes the ability to instantly block any user’s device that is behaving strangely.

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Analyze the results

At the end of the test, you’ll have a report that analyzes the behavior of your examinees to help you identify anomalies and trends in a single exam or in a group.

Guaranteed security for teachers

Identity verification

Through facial recognition, the system checks the identity of the examinee to avoid identity fraud.

Video and audio recordings

Review how the exam was taken before verifying the final result.

Secure environments

Check if the examinee has opened a new browser tab or a chat window during the exam.

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