Thanks in no small part to the rapid and widespread adoption of online learning due to social distancing, online training platform are experiencing a period of great growth.

The growth potential of the eLearning industry is enormous. By 2022, the size of this industry will amount to a whopping $243 billion. The numbers are extremely compelling; soon it will not be a question of whether you will adopt online learning, but when and how. In this context, choosing the best online training platform for your school or company is essential.

5 keys to choosing an online training platform

While there are many online training platforms, only a few stand out from the crowd: the best above the rest. While this may not seem like a critical issue when you are just starting out in online education, in the long run it could be the deciding factor between delivering a successful training program and a resounding failure.

Here’s the secret: You should choose a platform that gives your students or workers such an amazing, personalized, and professional learning experience that they scarcely realize they are using a digital training platform at all.

So how to do this? To ensure a quality learning experience, there are 5 aspects to consider when choosing your online training platform:

1 – Interaction

Many studies have shown that one of the keys to learning is interaction. As we become more involved in a course, our brain activity increases, and educational outcomes improve. The best online training platforms prioritize interaction from the beginning, whether through gamification techniques with the direct participation of students, video games, or other forms of interactive content.

2 – Quality content

While this is an aspect that should be never be taken for granted by a teacher or education professional, unfortunately it is quite common to neglect one of the most important aspects of the best online training platforms: the quality of their content.

While many training professionals focus on the number of courses, quality clearly prevails as the most essential aspect: it’s better to have fewer courses (which your users will actually learn from) than many mediocre ones (which no one will want to sign up for). In this world full of educational content, never before has the quality of content been so important.

3 – Customer service

If you are going to train a large group of professionals, there is nothing more important than knowing that there is someone who can solve any problems that may arise. Otherwise, what will happen if there is a technical complication? Can the platform solve the problem? Where can students go for help if they get stuck with any of the lessons?

The best online training platforms have effective customer service, capable of not only addressing concerns, but also of providing assistance in implementing a training program or suggestions on how to motivate students to complete their online course.

4 – Multi-device

Whichever platform you choose, you must also consider the technology that platform uses. This is of great importance; it could make the difference between a training program with a completion rate of 90% and one of 20%. In addition to a smooth user experience, platforms must be able to adapt to all possible devices (computers -Windows, Mac, Linux-, as well as tablets and mobile phones -Android, iOS-).

Additionally, when incorporated within the scope of a company, it is critical that you can integrate the platform into your Learning Management System (LMS). When the online training platform is available on all these devices, you can rest safe knowing that your users can learn anytime, anywhere.

5 – Courses that get your students and professionals excited

Recent scientific studies have shown that we learn best when we are emotionally engaged. Whether the content mixes storytelling, storytelling, characters, gamification, or video games, the human factor is critical to learning. The best online platforms usually have this X factor, which elevates them to another level and differentiates them from the rest.

Pedagoo, the platform for schools and companies

Now it’s about time we introduced Pedagoo. Pedagoo is a powerful and innovative training assessment platform developed by the Media Interactiva group and which is behind the success of MeasureUp’s world-reknowned practice tests.

This tool is delivered nationally and internationally to help educational centers, companies, and governments improve their way of training and evaluating the knowledge of candidates, following innovative methodologies to address errors or knowledge gaps.

How do you do it?

  • From paper to digital: Pedagoo is perfectly adapted to help schools in their digital transformation, either with a hybrid or fully virtual approach. In this way, schools can not only save huge amounts of paper usage, but they can also drastically reduce the time that it takes teachers to correct tasks and provide feedback.
  • Tracking and analyzing student progress: Pedagoo’s toolkit helps monitor student development in an extremely transparent and intuitive way. You can track the results of individual students or an entire group.
  • Monitor individual student performance: Our platform gives you detailed information about the amount of time each student spends on their assignments.
  • Standardize assessments across your organization: Pedagoo can also help boost student progress across different schools, subjects, or between different teaching styles.
  • Create different workflows for assessment: Standardizing assessments doesn’t mean everything is the same. Our platform allows you to customize workflows based on the needs of each specific subject or teacher. You can sort the assessment creation process through a variety of filters and review steps to define which users are responsible for creating assessments or practice material.