Pedagoo, our evaluation platform powered by MeasureUp, and our proctoring service, have been recognized by the leading research and advisory firm Gartner, in its ‘Market Guide for Remote Proctoring’ as being among the best solutions in proctoring and remote supervision.

The rise of online training

The growth of online learning and certification has made the remote supervision market expand, meaning that this latest Gartner market guide will assist institutions and organizations in understanding the market, helping them to choose the solution that best suits their needs.

Key findings confirm the expansion of the remote monitoring market over the past year as use and demand have grown. However, effort must continue to be made to convince students and professionals alike of its benefits so that they do not see it as a mere controlling tool.

The Gartner Market Guide defines remote monitoring services as a ‘key component of e-learning, professional certification, and distance exams, as they provide the means to verify the identity of students or remote examiners before an assessment. In addition, they provide the methods to ensure that students taking the assessment are not cheating or receiving unauthorized support’.

Proctoring: a key finding for the world of online training

Proctoring systems such as that offered by Pedagoo do this by using several technologies and biometric video-based techniques. With this technological improvement, we allow online exams to be launched with all the security guarantees for organizations and educational centers, enabling tests to be carried out under the conditions required by a regulated exam.

With Pedagoo, we offer the world of education numerous possibilities, such as digitizing assessments in the classroom or performing assessments remotely in a way that is compatible with any training platform. Our Proctoring service not only allows the identity of the person taking the exam to be checked, thereby avoiding impersonations, but it also lets the proctor know if the student has opened another tab on their Internet browser or a chat during the test.

In addition, Pedagoo and our proctoring service are also available to corporations that either want to train and certify their staff easily and efficiently or to assess the technical knowledge of their candidates, creating their own personalized questions in combination with the more than 23,000 existing questions available in the MeasureUp database.

“The market guide identifies some of Pedagoo’s key unique selling points,” says CEO Sam Brocal. “We are happy that Gartner recognizes our evaluation platform. This is the result of the work we have been doing during its first year of life, through brand positioning, and continuous improvement in technology.”

Source: Gartner, ‘Market Guide for Remote Proctoring’, May 2021.

Transform your educational institution or organization

Pedagoo is an evaluation platform for companies and educational institutions to evaluate any type of test, assessment, or evaluation, either in situ or remotely. It is based on the technology used by MeasureUp, the division of the Media Interactiva group dedicated to the training of ICT professionals and was presented at the 2020 London Bett Show, the world’s largest education technologies fair.

In 2021, Pedagoo will integrate with Microsoft Teams allowing for easy access and distribution of MeasureUp practice tests. Thanks to this integration, users can easily distribute the tests they want and share them with their team immediately so they can start training right away.