In an increasingly globalized world, it has become essential for companies of all sizes to optimize their recruitment process, allowing them to choose the best possible candidates and remain competitiveness.

Nowadays, selecting the perfect new employee is a challenge in all economic sectors. In this article we ask ourselves: what are the best practices for a successful talent acquisition strategy?

What is a recruitment process?

One of the most important aspects for your business to be successful is to surround yourself with a great team. However, this is often easier said than done, and finding that perfect match can require all too much time and effort.

The impact of having a great team positively affects many aspects and levels of your business: the quality of the service or product, benefits, reputation… And the opposite is also true if you choose a candidate who is not suited to your organization.

Recruiting great employees for your company requires an optimal recruitment process. In this article we’ll give you some ideas that may be useful for your company and to help you detect talent more easily.

Tips to improve your recruitment process

Too long, too difficult… In many cases, companies still have a lot to learn when it comes to optimizing their recruitment processes, with all too many of them lacking effective communication with the candidate.

In fact, all too often, candidates leave an interview or other parts of the process still having some unanswered questions; while, others include endless form filling, which becomes somewhat meaningless. In this article we’ll bring you four tried and tested tips to improve your recruitment process:

Take care of your company brand

Nowadays, posting a simple job offer and contacting a candidate through LinkedIn is no longer enough to attract the best talent. Competition is huge and candidates are becoming more and more selective. Therefore, it is important that the company takes care of its brand to ensure effective engagement.

The brand of the company indicates the image that it wants to transmit to its potential candidates and employees. Nowadays, the image transmitted by the company, especially on the web, is crucial in choosing that perfect candidate. Therefore, we recommend using marketing techniques in human resources departments to make your company more attractive and promote a better candidate experience.

Write a clear and detailed offer

The first step is to write the job offer. It is necessary for human resources and the line manger involved to work hand in hand to define the desired profile so as to avoid wasting time further along the line.

And although it may seem simple and obvious, it sometimes is not. In fact, in many cases the job offer does not clearly specify the required profile or the description of the tasks to be performed. As a consequence, there is a feeling of mistrust and confusion among potential candidates, who actually apply without really knowing if the position corresponds to what they are looking for.

This can have a truly negative effect on the company, since a lot of time is wasted filtering candidates that clearly do not fulfill the requirements, leading to wasted time and money for both the recruiter and the company.

Power various distribution channels for your offerings

In today’s world, it is no longer enough to publish your offer on just one single platform. To ensure that your offer is seen by the right professionals, it is important to multiply the distribution channels and correctly choose those that correspond to the profiles sought.

To begin with, you should obviously publish your offer on general work websites and networks like LinkedIn. Then, you should share your offer on recruitment platforms adapted to the profile you are looking for

Simplify your recruitment process as much as possible

For a good management of the hiring process in large companies, it is essential to invest in a software that can process applications. This will free up your time and give you an overview of the recruitment process.

Any HR professional knows that hiring the right person takes a long time, especially if the profiles you’re looking for aren’t in high demand. Therefore, it is vital that you to streamline this process with evaluation platforms such as Pedagoo, with which you save time and money.

Improve your recruitment processes thanks to technology

If you are looking to hire talent for your company, then Pedagoo can help! Pedagoo is an online evaluation platform that improves recruitment processes and procedures, and evaluates your candidates’ technical knowledge. With Pedagoo, you can create your own questions and combine them with the more than 26,000 questions available in the MeasureUp catalog.

With Pedagoo, you will select the right candidate and reduce the management time in the selection process:

  • You’ll be able to assess a candidate’s real technological knowledge using the MeasureUp catalog, which includes 26,000 questions on the most sought-after technologies. MeasureUp is a leading provider of certification practice testing and evaluation for IT professionals. It is an official partner of Microsoft and a supplier to companies such as Cisco, AWS, CompTIA or VMware, among others.
  • You will save money: In the selection process for technical profiles, it is necessary that a technical expert in the subject matter evaluated assists in certain phases of the process. Pedagoo allows you to do away with this part of the process.
  • Time: Pedagoo allows you to design perfectly oriented evaluations aimed at the profiles your organization needs, optimizing time spent on interviews by simultaneously performing different technical tests, even remotely.
  • Full control of your selection processes: You will be able to organize, store, and manage all the results of your evaluations in a test history, facilitating the management of candidates.