Do you know what online educational platforms are and what they are used for? If the answer is no, then this is the article you were looking for. If you think you do know, you should still check it out, as these assessment tools are constantly being updated. 

An online educational platform includes different types of tools intended for educational purposes. Its main function is to facilitate the creation of virtual environments to teach all kinds of training over the internet without the need for programming knowledge. 

What are online educational platforms? 

Making use of technology in education is a great advantage not only for educational institutions but also for all types of companies and recruiting departmentsOnline educational platforms allow virtual environments to serve as a conducive medium for teaching and learning. 

But in terms of education, what are educational platforms used for? These online platforms allow you to perform tasks such as organizing content and activities within an online course, having reports and tracking work during the course, answering questions and creating interactive communication spaces, and evaluating the progress of students. 

What’s more, they can be either used to manage distance training entirely or as a complement to face-to-face teaching. 

5 examples of what online educational platforms can do: 

  1. Save timeWith educational platforms such as Pedagoo, exam correction is automatic, thereby offering teachers the possibility of focusing more on teaching content. 
  2. More participationDoubts and questions are solved online, and work groups become a source of collaboration between teachers and students. 
  3. Improve communication between teachers and studentsThe platforms have message systems that allow teachers to communicate easily with students. 
  4. Reports and detailed monitoring of student’s progressTools such as Pedagoo allow you to know at any moment the amount of time that each of your students dedicates to the programmed tasks, the performance of their work, which areas of knowledge they should improve and ultimately, a large number of indicators that will allow you to improve the overall learning experience of your students. 
  5. Save moneySchools spend thousands of dollars annually on school supplies such as paper, ink, photocopies, etc. However, with the implementation of an educational platform, these expenses can be eliminated. In the case of Pedagoo, its annual flat rate per student and without limit of exams makes it accessible to all schools. 

One step further in the world of online education 

Pedagoo has taken a step forward in the world of educational platforms. Thanks to its advanced technology, the teacher simply has to prepare the exam (just as they would for a conventional paper test format) and Pedagoo generates the evaluation.

In addition, it can be shared by any type of technological platform that the educational center uses, from email to Microsoft TeamsWhatsAppZoomGoogle Classroom or Skype. 

The exams launched from Pedagoo can be developed both in person in the classroom and remotely. This is very useful at this time, since the uncertainties that schools may face if there is a period of suspension of face-to-face classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic would be eliminated. 

In addition, with Pedagoo the correction of the exam is automaticThis allows teachers to focus more on teaching content and for schools to obtain statistics and evolution data on the performance of their students. 

Pedagoo: Advanced technology for education 

Pedagoo has completed another important technological improvement with the implementation of a proctoring tool, a technique for conducting and monitoring tests. 

Proctoring allows you to verify the identity of the person who performs the exam, avoiding impersonations of identity. It also lets you know if the student has opened another tab in his Internet browser or a chat during the test. Pedagoo is one of the first companies to apply proctoring in Spain. 

Discover the educational platform that is completely changing the world of education!