The business world has changed and with it human resources department, which regularly use technology in the selection processes. The skills required in organizations are different as well as the way in which recruitment processes are carried out.

Every day companies face more competition in talent recruitment; therefore, human resources professionals must take advantage of the benefits of new technologies in this field.

Currently, many technical skills are being validated through technological tools. For example, there are many organizations that already perform tests related to a person’s behavior within the organization and whether their values and attitudes match those of the company. In summary, thanks to the use of technology, the profile of the candidates for a certain position has been further refined.

How technology affects HR

One of the main affected by the digital transformation is the human resources department, due to the impact of technology on:

  • Transformation of the company and its culture. It is key that the application of technology is accompanied by a change in corporate culture, more in line with the new times. In this sense, the human resources department plays a fundamental role in consolidating the digital transformation in the company.
  • New digital tools. Digitization involves the development of numerous applications and technological tools that serve to streamline human resource work, transforming the organization and the way of working.

Today, human resources managers see technology as a priority to change the traditional corporate culture to a more efficient one.

Digital tools for the human resources department

Next, we will analyze the main trends in the use of digital tools for human resources:

  • BIG DATA: Big data arises as a consequence of massive digital data storage, which is intelligently analyzed to extract valuable knowledge for a company. The impact of big data also extends to the human resources department, where this type of analysis is used to obtain a fact-based view of the current workforce, anticipate emerging trends and to assist in the selection of talent and potential employees.
  • DIGITAL EMPLOYER BRANDING: Employer branding is a well-known strateg. By combining marketing concepts with human resources, it seeks to generate an image that shows your company as an ideal work environment to achieve retention and attract talent. It works mainly through social networks and the company website.
  • TECHNOLOGIES IN THE CLOUD: This tool has become essential in the field of human resources, since it allows us to store all the information in an orderly manner in a virtual space. In this way, an employee can now consult and review the information they want at all times in a space that is as accessible and safe.
  • SMART WORKING: Work flexibility is another of the trends that has spread the most in recent years. The possibility of teleworking is a condition increasingly demanded by current employees.

Benefits of using technology in recruitment

Being able to find the talent available in the market and confirm that these professionals fit the company’s vision is one of the most important aspects of any recruitment process.

However, human resources managers often face great difficulties in completing this task successfully. In the case of small companies, they cannot dedicate many personnel to recruitment. The largest companies, on the other hand, are forced to close multiple hires during the year, which forces them to streamline each process as much as possible.

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