Internal training in companies is born with the aim of offering a continuous learning offer to employees. Its main added value is its personalized design for the company’s own employees, which allows it to be a training focused on their specific needs at all time. In addition, it allows the contents to be contextualized, thus helping the transfer to the job to be quick and effective.

One of the main goals of a company should be that its employees feel happy and motivated. And one way to achieve this is to offer training and growth programs that allow them to enhance their professional career. In addition, the company ensures that the knowledge of its employees does not become obsolete and they can be more effective in their job roles.

Benefits of internal training for companies

If you are still not sure about implementing an internal training plan in your company, take a look at all its benefits:

  1. Thanks to internal training, you will ensure that your team members do not feel like just a number in the company. In addition, you will avoid other negative aspects of the day to day such as oversaturation, lack of external recognition, excess of routine or few prospects for professional growth.
  2. You will contribute new skills, ideas and learning experiences that can be applied to daily work in the office. Every company is in a process of frequent change, so these changes create a demand for learning, in order for employees to have a better response to unforeseen events.
  3. Offering the opportunity to some of the employees to be trainers of the company implies a positive confidence in them.
  4. The internal trainer knows better than an external professional what are the fundamental values of the organization of which he is part, so internal training promotes the transformation of the organization from within.
  5. Promote the value of mentoring as an opportunity for company professionals to pass on knowledge to other colleagues. In addition, this methodology also encourages the internal promotion of those professionals who stand out in their work as trainers.
  6. It allows team members to increase their technical training. Therefore, the degree of specialization of the workforce also increases.
  7. It is a perfect way to create a loyalty bond between company and employees, as a team.

Bet on Pedagoo

Thanks to Pedagoo you will be able to evaluate and bet on the constant training of your team in any subject, validating the progress of your development plans or even introducing formal evaluations to ensure compliance with the existing quality standards in your organization.

Pedagoo features for internal training:

  • Detect needs in your team: through periodic evaluations you can measure the skills of your employees detecting those who need training plans. As a result, staff will increase their efficiency and qualification in less time.
  • Control of the training process: you will be able to carry out personalized monitoring of both the employee’s progress and his performance at all times, allowing you to adapt the training process to optimize deadlines and investment in training.
  • Practical learning: Pedagoo gives you the possibility of completing exercises with software simulations to promote this type of learning. You can easily create, manage and store content for digital evaluations of any subject matter and any level with the Authoring Tool component in Pedagoo.
  • Periodic evaluations: on certain occasions it is necessary to update the knowledge of the internal processes of your organization, such as the implementation of ISO or Compliance standards. Pedagoo enables you to monitor the degree of assimilation of these processes by your team, favoring the internalization of concepts and the management of change.
  • Preparing your team for official certifications: with Pedagoo you can enjoy the MeasureUp Catalog, with more than 200 titles from experts in the field and aimed at obtaining official certifications from companies such as Microsoft, Cisco or CompTIA.
  • Real training: Pedagoo offers the possibility to practice and learn based on the error in each question.

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