Guaranteeing the identity of the student who takes an exam remotely and checking that they are not cheating (such as opening a different tab on their computer to make a query or look at their notes) is possible thanks to the proctoring tool, which our evaluation platform, Pedagoo has just been added to its offer aimed at educational centers.

This important technological improvement allows the launch of online exams with all the security guarantees for students, teachers and educational centers, since with it the test is carried out under the conditions required by a regulated exam.

At Pedagoo, we have completed in record time the technological innovation necessary to apply proctoring -technique for conducting monitored and supervised tests- on our platform, especially thinking about the objective of guaranteeing the evaluation of this academic year even though the remote testing.

Proctoring: the technology to monitor online exams

If our platform already offered numerous advantages, such as the possibility of digitizing the evaluations in the classroom or carrying them out remotely in a way that is compatible with any platform used for teaching, proctoring offers another plus, by allowing the identity of who performs the exam, avoiding impersonations; but also to know if the student has opened another tab of their Internet browser or a chat during the test.

With this, the conditions of the remote test are much more similar to the vigilance with which the face-to-face exams are carried out, increasing safety for teachers and students.

Proctoring responds to the need for authentication required by the educational system for its online evaluations with means that use the technology of the webcam or the student’s mobile in a 100% secure way thanks to the encryption of the data and the protocol for the treatment of the images received.

Educational platform in 4 steps

The implementation of proctoring technology is one of our new innovations, since in this course we have already improved and simplified our use for schools, through the implementation of a four-step system that allows teachers to create their own questions, generate the evaluation, share a link with your students so that they can access the exam and automatically rate the results.

In this way, a teacher simply has to prepare the exam (as they would also do for a conventional paper test format) and we generate the evaluation through Pedagoo. This can be shared by any type of technological platform used by the educational center: from email to Microsoft Teams, through WhatsApp, Zoom, Google Classroom or Skype.

The exams that are launched from our platform can be developed both in person in the classroom, with the corresponding technological means, and remotely. Therefore, the uncertainties that educational centers may have if there were any period of suspension of face-to-face classes due to quarantine, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, are eliminated.

In the classroom, the main advantage in this health situation is that we eliminate the use of paper in the exams, avoiding a possible route of contagion of SARS-COV-2. According to health authorities, the Coronavirus can last up to 3 hours on printing paper such as that used in tests.

In addition, with our Pedagoo tool, the correction of the exam is automatic, allowing teachers to focus more on teaching content and for schools to obtain statistics and evolution data on the performance of their students.

Our formative evaluation platform is based on the technology used by MeasureUp, the division of the Media Interactiva group dedicated to the training of ICT professionals, and was presented last January at the Bett Show in London, the largest global fair on education technologies.

In March, coinciding with the confinement decreed by COVID-19 and the suspension of face-to-face classes throughout Spain, Media Interactiva decided to make it available to educational centers throughout Spain for free until the end of June, to allow them to finish the course in the best possible conditions. At the same time, the organization has been working on improvements to Pedagoo that have crystallized in this new academic period.

Educational institutions interested in Pedagoo can contact the company to arrange an online demonstration of the platform. In this demo, teachers and technicians receive instructions on how Pedagoo works, how they create their own exams (using the so-called authoring tool) and how to carry them out.